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  • I use WP as a CMS, but it has a huge issue, everytime I want to create a new page I have to create a page using the write function and then create a brand new template for that page and link the two. I find myself sat in the presentation bit to edit pages.

    This to me sucks. The write part should allow to use properly editing pages, ie we could create a template for page and then add all the php inside the write post box and it would execute. x

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  • Well, the basic idea of this script is to be a blogging tool; Pages were added just for convenience to make easy to have an About Page or a Contact Page.

    The majority of bloggers don’t need what might be considered your special personal need…

    If you want PHP executed in the content – serach for such plugins: there were quite a few… execPHP, phpexec, runphp etc.
    Check if they are compatible with your WP version.

    Yeah I just tried it and its working except with JavaScript and PHP.

    Can I just say that this beats hands down the whole crap with making loads of template files and using just one page file and this superb runPHP plugin. You can NOW even edit the pages using the edit link when logged in. Its running like a full CMS. LOVE> XXXX

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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