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  • I know little about WordPress but someone recomended it to me for something I need. I looked through the forums and the documentation but didn’t find a clear answer.

    I want to create content that is generated by time and date. For instance, I might want to write 5 features in advance, and have one automatically display at midnight on Tuesday, a second one display on midnight Friday etc… I don’t want it random as could be done with javascript but want to be able to define when, how and where on the page it appears and have that work for several fields on a single page. Basically I want to EASILY preset automatically changing content on a webpage without having to be constantly signing on for every scheduled change.

    Someone told me that WordPress does this very easily. Someone else told me that there are easier ways since I would need to be able to create cronjobs (can’t on current host) and other things to do this with WordPress.

    Any comments/advice you can offer? Thanks!

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  • You can simply set the date/time in your post to the time when you want it to show.

    Thank you. How does it work? Do I just create include tags in my html page and they go and grab the WordPress files every time the page is accessed? Or do I have to create the page in WordPress and everything has to be run out of WordPress to do this?

    What on earth got you started on html pages? 🙂

    Oh my buddha, God! 😛 Someone needs to study their dashboard. When you create the post click on “Edit time” on the right side and select the date and time you want the thing to post and then click on publish.

    hmmm, well I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or just trying to make me feel stupid (not particularly hard to do).

    As I said, I don’t have WordPress, know next to nothing about it, and had two different opinions about whether it would help me or not. To use it I would have to change hosting companies so I am just trying ot get some information before I head in the WordPress direction. I looked at the documentation and searched the forums before bothering you.

    I don’t have a dashboard to look at, and your advice to just click away doesn’t answer my question.

    Again, my second post was about if I can use wordpress to make these updates to a page outside of the wordpress environment. Does the page have to be created in WordPress and published out of WordPress?

    Any advice (minus the OMG theatrics) would be really appreciated!

    In the hosted WP platform, when you go to do a post, you have a ton of choices beyond the regular editing features. Like what category or categories you want it in etc.
    So when you complete your post if you look around the page your posting on it has a date feature and not only can you enter what date you want that post to publish, but the time also.
    The WP will automatically publish the post to your blog, in the category you chose, while your out on vaca.
    And not only one but as many, at any date and time you so choose.


    You can do the “future posts” thing easily, as described above.

    What I want to make sure you understand is, as a new user you will probably be using a WordPress theme, and learning how to customize the theme on your own. The theme is pretty much your website layout.

    So yes you can program a bunch of different posts in different categories, to show up at scheduled times. But if you want them to appear in special little fields on your webpage layout, you’d have to make a theme that looks like you want. The default way, you can easily just make the newest post show up at the top of the page for any pre-set time.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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