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  1. unsec
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hello, my problem might be trivial but, unfortunately, gave me a bit of bone.
    1st I published a new page, next inside through include (the appropriate plugin installed) php file with the procedure to read from the WP database. I created an additional table inside the WP dbase structure. And sneezes, does not read.
    2nd I moved to read from table OPTIONS - plays and sounds the horn, everything is ok, reads.
    3rd I copied OPTIONS table, the name which I have added a table called OPTIONS1. Do not read.

    For testing I use the same piece of code so there is no question of error. Read, does not read, read, do not read ....

    I thought that maybe sometime in the PostNuke was a file with a description of each table, as it has no structure of this table do not read it but nothing I have not found or word suggestions.

    I will be grateful for the light at the tunnel.

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