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  • Whenever I am using the HTML view in the post editor with Google Chrome, the “read more” line will eventually disappear from the screen. I can’t figure out what causes it to disappear, but it does.

    Quick-fix is to flip over to text view, where the <!–more–> code appears — and then I go back to HTML view, and the “more” line is back… but only briefly, before it disappears again.

    At first, I thought this was intentional, as a “feature” but I could not find any setting to disable it… and when I use WordPress in other browsers (like Firefox), this does not happen. The “more” line stays put, as it should. The problem only appears to happen in Chrome.

    Anyone else noticing this? Any fixes? I’ve also filed a bug report with Chrome, since I am not sure which side is at fault.

    This is annoying because I prefer to manually set where the “read more” links appear on my homepage… but when the “more” line disappears, I feel like it’s really gone, even though I know it’s just invisible. I’ve tried to just ignore it and accept it, but on a couple of occasions, I mistakenly thought the “more” line was invisible when it was actually NOT there at all… resulting in a FULL post being published to my homepage, rather than just the “lead” portion of the story. And of course, not expecting it, I didn’t realize until a few hours later.

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