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  • Resolved Naira



    I do not get my Readme.txt validated.

    This is my REadme.txt, if someone sees something wrong, please let me know.

    === Exchange ===

    Contributors: Naira Jorge
    Donate link:
    Tags: money, currency, currencies, converter, cotation, exchange;
    Plugin URI:
    Requires at least: 2.0.2
    Tested up to: 3.4.1
    Author: Naira Jorge
    Author URI:
    License: GPLv2 or later
    License URI:
    Copyright 2012 Naira (email :
    Stable tag: trunk

    Here is a short description. This widget executes currency convertion.

    == Description ==

    * This widget will convert from one currency to another; The money converter will be updated each hour and it is not for business proposal;

    * Once this widget is activated you will need to drag and drop it from the widget’s field to a sidebar of your preference;
    * “Tested up to” version 3.4.1 Note that it might work on higher versions, this is just the highest one you’ve verified.

    == Installation ==

    1. Download and extract winzip archives;
    2. Upload Exchange to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
    4. Go to Appearance/Widgets area and drag-and-drop the widget in the sidebar of your preference;

    == Frequent Asked Questions ==

    Which version of PHP does this plugin work with?

    PHP 5.2 is the minimum current requirement for WordPress.
    This plugin requires at least PHP version 5.2.1 due to having to decode JSON responses from the Open Source Exchange Rates API.

    == Screenshot ==


    == Changelog ==


    Initial release

    == Upgrade Notice ==

    = 1.0 =

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  • jonradio


    Change the first line to:
    === Naira Exchange ===
    and see if it works.

    I suspect that Exchange by itself may be a “reserved word” something akin to calling your plugin “Description”. Which, of course, would confuse the validator and the real readme.txt reader into thinking that the first section was the Description section, rather than the name of the plugin.

    Again, just a guess.



    Hello jonradio,

    Thank you very much for your reply about readme.txt.

    I solved the problem copying the file into a textpad program.
    That was the reason why it was not uploading.

    The name of the plugin is ‘Exchange’ itself.

    Do you know maybe how to upload the screenshots?
    What code do I need to write inside readme.txt to make it appear online?





    Have you seen this file?

    I think this section answers your question:

    == Screenshots ==

    1. This screen shot description corresponds to screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif). Note that the screenshot is taken from
    the directory of the stable readme.txt, so in this case, /tags/4.3/screenshot-1.png (or jpg, jpeg, gif)
    2. This is the second screen shot

    Name your screenshots screenshot-1.jpg (or any of the other listed extensions), screenshot-2.jpg, and so on. Then upload them to the same directory as readme.txt.

    Your readme.txt should NOT be listing the screen shot file names, but should be giving descriptions (captions) for each screen shot.



    Hello jonradio,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    I tried exactly that, but there is something missing here.
    For some reason I don’t get the screenshot-1.jpg and screenshot-2.jpg online.

    Thanks any way.




    I had some troubles, too. Mostly with bigger pics.

    Then I changed them to .png (actually do the conversion to PNG, don’t just rename JPEG files) and everything worked perfectly.



    Hello jonradio,

    I have good niews without changing the screenshot extension.
    The size and extension were not the problem.

    The main problem were:

    1. The explanation inside the readme.txt, instead of the screenshot-1.jpg names.

    2. Meanwhile I had lost the ‘s’ of == Screenshots == and it became == screenshot == instead.

    I tried and verified your explanation carefully and thought maybe the ‘s’ of == Screenshot == was missing…

    After everything fixed up the final ‘screenshots’ result was great and I could see them online!

    Great of you, thank you very very much!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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