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    Hi All,

    I am happy to answer any questions and provide any help I can give you regarding the WPPizza plugin.

    However, please be so kind and read the below before posting here to find out if there might be a more appropriate place to ask your question – which in turn will help you getting your question answered more quickly – as well as general answers to some faq questions I will really NOT be able to help you with.

    Thanks a million

    a) Questions about add-ons / extensions:

    As per WP Guidelines, this forum is for the main WPPizza plugin only. If you have any questions (or suggestions) regarding addons/premium extensions etc , please head over to and leave your questions/suggestions/requests via the contact form or the feature request page.

    b) I really cannot suggest the ideal theme to use with this plugin. There are literally 1000’s and, although it has been tested with many of them and works just fine, it will ultimately depend on what you want your site to do. The plugin is free, so I suggest install it and see if it works for you. (and there’s a lot of info here – – as to how to tweak things to get it just the way you want it)

    c) Multilinguality:
    As mentioned in the description you can use the plugin pretty much in whatever language you want. HOWEVER, if you have/want to use this plugin on a website with more than just one language at the same time (i.e a multilingual website) I will only support WPML. I am not saying it will not work with other translation plugins, but I really cannot and will not support debug any others. sorry.

    I think that’s that for the moment. Thank you for actually reading this 🙂


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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