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  • I just had a WordPress template built for my blog and I went to the Admin site to restrict the posts on the main page to one day. However, every single post I’ve ever written is on the front page. All of my old Blogger posts were imported in today.
    Can anyone help? I’m brand-new to WordPress and enjoying it so far, but 183 posts on the main page for me is an awful lot of unnecessary text.

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  • What if you’d change it to ONE POST – at least temporarily, until you’ll figure out what to do 🙂

    Thanks…I switched it to one post and it’s more bearable, but still need to know how to make it only display one day if I select “Show 1 day.” Please…switching my blog around is tough enough without having to deal with something that should be so easy…help me!

    Were all of your Blogger posts imported onto the same date? My uneducated guess is that the importer borked and imported all of your Blogger entries as the same day.
    In that case adding a new post on a new day would make the Show 1 day option show only that last post.
    Just a thought. URL?

    Yes, she imported all of them yesterday. My URL is She said there was something funny with the import and the timestamp but that it should work fine now…I’ll post something today and see what happens.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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