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    Hi, sorry if this has been discussed before…
    I’m a literature geek and am wondering if anyone knows an easy way to include an “I’m reading” list on their blog. This may be a stupid question, but I’m a newbie to blogging and am just comfortable with the basics (for now). I have the default WordPress template up and running (thanks to Fantastico!) and don’t really have experience modifying html or CSS or whatever.
    Sorry to sound like such a nincompoop, but thanks anyway!

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  • Cool link, fargon, thanks!

    Thanks for the link. I also just noticed denyerec’s Amazon Media Manager, which works nicely for what I want.

    Is there a way to show the various categories from the Links Manager? If so, you could set of a category specifically for this, then link to the book reviews on or, etc.

    My cg-amazon lib has a user-defined categorization of every item — you could ‘manually’ set categories on items in the amazon list to use the same names as your links categories, and then displaying items from a single category is built-in to cg-amazon.
    Deynerec’s AMM likely has something similar as well.

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