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  • I only recently discovered the reader option, especially in Safari wasn’t working right with my site. After eliminating plug-ins and realizing it wasn’t related to that, I discovered it was most likely realated to my theme which is WordPress 2016.

    After much testing, it seems like the reader doesn’t work right when I am using two specific topics on my site. One is the “Question To Ponder For The Day” and the other is “Thought For The Day”. For whatever the reason, when they are at the top of the blog for the latest posting or clicked on directly and then the reader mode is selected for safari or firefox and sometimes even Chrome, it doesn’t display. Instead it displays the “Welcome to…” section of my blog. I am unsure of why this would be and why those categories would only create that problem. It seems like all other normal sized articles don’t cause this problem as often, but there are circumstances where the reader mode isn’t displaying correctly as well. For example, I selected the “recovery from addictions” category to show all articles under that and then got my listing and when I did, clicked the reader mode and it only displayed one of the three articles that were displayed. I’m hoping there’s a simple solution with this that’s related to the theme itself?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Ultimately, there are many circumstances where the reader view just doesn’t work right and does not display the articles on the main page that I’m displaying. I look forward to any help I get on this.

    Ok, I spent hours of testing on this tonight and got to the root of where specifically the error is with the WordPress 2016 theme. It comes down to this:

    1. The blog posting in text must be some around around at least 493 characters (with spaces) long.
    2. The blog posting cannot use italicized to count for those characters.

    When either of those conditions were false, the reader will default to the text I have on the right of my main page that is my intro to my blog text block.

    On my Thought For The Day category, they were mostly long enough, but were 100 percent in italicized. And as soon as I removed the italicized the reader worked fine.

    On my Question TO Ponder For The Day category, I needed to pad characters to each of them to get over a certain character length, so I added “The Twelfth Step -” a number of times until I reached the threshold where it would appear in the reader correctly.

    These are errors in the Theme itself and this is the only workaround I could find. It would be great if the WordPress team could fix this so I don’t have to pad my short blog entries with text and avoid using italicized…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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