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    I have over thirty writers and a handful of editors. None of them are happy with the readability scoring system. Is this beta? Are we using it wrong?

    It seems to be almost random. But once it gives a score, it’s hell to change it even a point or two. I once shorten ever single sentence in a 500 word post, and the score went lower.

    Can you please provide some guidance on how to use this tool?

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  • Plugin Author Hassan Akhtar


    Hi Don,

    Thanks for using the plugin. Our readability score uses the Flesch Kincaid algorithm. There are many online tools that can help you find the Flesch Kincaid score of a blog post, the score provided by one of these tools should be roughly the same as SmartCrawl’s readability score. I say roughly because there can be implementation differences. Please let me know if this is not the case on your site.


    One of my editors found one of the specific bug.

    When they make bullet lists, unless there is a period at the end of each list item, it counts until it gets to another period. Throwing off readability.

    To recreate. Make a large bulleted list. Do not use periods for each list item. Run the readability score. Then put a period after each list item. The readability improves.

    Periods do not always go after a list item, so this is a bug.

    Plugin Author Hassan Akhtar


    You’re right, that sounds like a bug. We’ll get it fixed, thanks!

    Any update?

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