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    So I am a little confused. I installed this plugin but when you read a thread, the arrow (link that takes you to first unread post) won’t disappear. However, on one out of 10 threads, it did disappear. I am not sure if the arrow disappeared when I read it or if it never had the arrow to begin with.

    So when I click the arrow, and read the first unread posts, is the arrow suppose to disappear or does it still stay even though I have no unread posts.

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  • Plugin Author Matthew Rowland


    Hi localsports,

    Just a sanity check: are you logged in while testing this? The plugin only works for users who are logged in – for unauthenticated users, the plugin will always display an arrow which takes the user to the first post in the topic.

    Yes I am logged in but the arrow will not disappear. Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Matthew Rowland


    Hmm, not off the top of my head – are you using a heavily themed version of bbPress? Do you have the website somewhere publicly accessible so I can have a look?

    Yes, the forum is located at Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Matthew Rowland


    I can see the problem immediately – somehow, the replies on your forum aren’t in ascending ID order.

    For example, in this thread:

    The reply IDs are #10321, #10320, #10319, #10316… then back up to #10318. There’s no consistency in how they’re ordered – which I’ve never seen before in bbPress. The plugin relies on the last post in a topic having the highest ID, which isn’t something I’m able to change right now.

    Unfortunately this means that the plugin won’t work on your forum as-is. If you can find out what’s causing the strange reply ID behaviour (my only guess right now would be if your theme is causing it?) and change that, then the plugin should work. Alternately, if you’re comfortable with PHP you could try to implement a solution yourself, but for now at least I won’t be changing the base plugin functionality.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, and good luck!

    Thanks so much for your help.

    I found a few threads which have the replies in ascending ID order and when I read the posts, the arrow does disappear like it should.

    I think the reason for the incorrect ID order is because the forum posts were just recently imported from vbulletin. I expect that any new threads will not have that issue and therefore the plugin should work fine.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Matthew Rowland


    Ah, yes, that seems like the likely culprit. Glad to have helped!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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