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    If your Optin Revolution Lite popup is not showing there are a few steps to help resolve your problem:

    1. Changing your theme to WordPress Twenty Twelve and see if Optin Revoltuion is working

    2. If it works then there is a problem with your theme.

    3. Check that your theme has the below

    In the header.php there should be this code immediately before </head> tag.

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    For more information:

    In the footer.php there should be the below code immediately before </body> tag.

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    For more information:

    Action hooks like wp_head and wp_footer are essential to how plugins interact with your WordPress theme.

    What this means is that the wp_head and wp_footer functions act as placeholders for plugins to insert code to the <head> and <footer> of the theme respectively.

    Without these Optin Revolution will not work. PLease check your theme before opening a support request.

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  • Hi, I just checked my header and footer, the action hooks are in place. However the popup still doesnt show for some reason? Would it be possible for you to help me to have a look? My site is:

    Thank you!

    actually it shows up now. thanks!

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    My popup shows up as a BIG white BLOCk!!
    And I cant write Anything in the “edit” part (if I’m suppose to)?
    My Aweber webform isn’t showing at all …

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Change to the default theme and see if there is a conflict with your theme. Most of the time that happen your theme is over riding the default WordPress WYSWYG editor. If your theme uses it’s own WYSWYG editor then turn it off and use the WordPress WYSWYG editor


    O.R. was working greatly but now it just does not show up. I’m using ArrasTheme and I checked header and footer files and the actions are in there.

    May I be missing something.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Send me a temp login to support [at] I will have a look.


    My Optin Revolution pop up IS working…great in Firefox. But when I check it in IE, Chrome, and Safari is shows up BEHIND the webcam and video widgets I have in my sidebar. Because it works fine in FF, I don’t think this is a theme issue. And it doesn’t seem to be due to the width of my sidebar, either, since again, it appears to work fine in FF.

    Your thoughts?

    And thanks in advance.

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    You need to add wmode=transparent and wmode=”Opaque” to your videos see example below (I’m guessing that it’s youtube)

    <iframe width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" wmode="Opaque">

    I have added ?wmode=transparent and wmode=”Opaque”

    More info:

    Hope that helps

    My website is I am using the SuperSkeleton theme. I have turned on Optin Revolution Lite, but I’m not getting a popup (tried Safari & Chrome).

    Checked the header and footer in editor and the <?php wp_head(); ?> and <?php wp_footer(); ?> are definitely there.

    What can I do to fix this? Do you need a temp login to check it out?
    Thanks for your help,

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Sure send me a temp login I’ll have a look. Send it to support [at]

    Just sent. Thank you…

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    You will need to give me the role of admin so I can see Optin Revolution Lite.

    Sorry about that. All set.

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Can you send me your contact email address please.

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