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  • guy23


    TLTR: I was ‘forced’ to use this plugin due to a customer request. It’s the worst. The code quality is all over the place. If it works for your use case it’s maybe fine – but don’t even think about buying the addons.

    – I mean it’s free
    – It’s not dead in terms of updates. Some of them will break your wordpress – but I guess that’s part of the game
    – Code quality is medium at best. Not sure if thats a positive but I’ve seen worse.

    – Code quality is all over the place. It’s bad. And by bad I mean there are parts in the code that are just abandoned. You will find sometimes code that is suposed to do something, but then doesn’t get called/used. If you fix this you end up with something that looks like it works, but then crucial parts break. It’s like the developer had an idea and gave up half way because his code didn’t work like he intended and then he just commented out a few lines to ‘hide’ the function instead of fixing or removing the code.
    – DB-Design isn’t great either. A ton of stuff is not standard WP-Objects. This means that you will have problems with some plugins.
    – No support for the plugin itself
    – Plugin is making a ton of DB Queries/Entries – if you create a lot of events (and the recurring event addon for example will) then this will break your page if you use it on a cheap shared host.

    The plugin for itself does not have many features that will make it usable for my usecase. So I bought additional plugins from the vendor to add functionality. To make things clear: THIS RATING IS NOT BASED ON THOSE ADDONS. THE PLUGIN ITSELF IS BAD ENOUGH TO DESERVE THE 1 STAR REVIEW

    I think because of this I need to comment on the addons because without most of the features are missing and for many usecases you need those addons anyways.

    – Not to expensive
    – There is some sort of support.

    – Support casually closes support-tickets even tho they are not resolved. Sometimes it takes them months to answer and rarely you get a fix that works and if you do other things break. I am sure that this relates to the issues on the plugin itself (see above).
    – It simply does not work as advertised. Features are missing or won’t work in combination with other features. So make sure you check before you buy. This is not exclusively on the addons itself but in combination with features from the basis-plugin and in combination with addon-features.

    If you are not sure about this then try it out. If it works out of the box for you and the project isn’t to important then great. Try it. But if you have important work or are by any means dependant on this then don’t use it. Just don’t. Save your time and do something else.

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  • Plugin Contributor Priya Goenka


    Hi @guy23

    I am really grateful, you had done an intense review for the product in use. I have doubt that maybe you are not using our plugin or you have placed a review at the wrong place because many points that you have mentioned that not matching with our support system, coding standards, and services.

    We would like you to mention certain clarity in regards to our product, rather than just mentioning the coding or database or support issues. I am sure you have gone through the complete website, before making an investment in our plugin.

    The first thing about coding, and customization, we have a lot of customers, third-party plugins, developers, who are using our plugin, customizing it, and facing no problems. In case they need assistance, the support provided if something in that regard can be done. But on the website it is clearly mentioned, we don’t offer customizations, and anything in regards to customization is not acceptable. This is a global plugin, made for global use, which has been made with lots of clear coding, and making changes to any of the code, may result in other changes, because of the interdependencies of the product.

    Regarding the conflict with other plugins, if it’s a problem associated with our plugin, we try to resolve the conflict, if it’s with another, the support team of other plugins helps the customers to resolve the conflict. In regards to database queries, we do not have custom tables, custom queries, or HTML, rather, we are following default WordPress query standards. You may tell us, if there is a problem, we will consider and solve the issue.

    There is a WordPress ORG platform offered to help you provide support for the FREE CORE PLUGIN, where we have not found any kind of support thread, with the username you have used. Still, we request you to open a thread and let us know if there is something that we can help you with.
    Using a shared host, or any problem related to hosting needs to be solved with the hosting provider.

    Our customers are really happy with our support, The reviews from our customers, highlight and encourage our support, and we are always ready to go beyond to help our customers with our support. We usually revert back on the tickets within 24-48 hours, and only in case it’s missed, we apologize and try to resolve asap.

    Now in regards to closing the ticket, the tickets are closed, if the ticket has not been responded back by the customers. The support ticket is closed, and the customer is not satisfied with the solution, can reopen it, just by replying back on the same ticket. The support team is ready to help with the same. Please tell us the ticket number associated with your query, so that we can recheck, and provide a solution.

    If you are telling that the plugin does not has many features that are non-usable in YOUR SPECIFIC USER CASE, I would like to bring to your notice that a proper, demo site has already been provided, so that no one wastes their hard-earned money on something that they do not need, and try the product before the use. We have made it for global use, and not user-specific. Still, can you please highlight the missing features? We will be ready to incorporate all the features that are needed to be added so that our future customers do not have any issues.

    Can you please recheck, if you are using WP EVENT MANAGER Plugin? In case, if Yes, and still you disagree with us, please contact us at our support forum, and we are happy to discuss and solve all the issues.


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