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    good to see you on the Superslider support forums. Please read this and follow these guidelines before opening a new thread:

    First, ensure you have the latest version of the plugin and check if your problem still exists with that version.
    Second, search the forums for similar threads and see if any of the proposed solutions work for you.
    Third, to test what’s wrong, disable all your other plugins and switch to the default WordPress theme for a bit. If the problem persists, open a thread, if not, figure out which plugin is the cause of the problem and open a thread mentioning both plugins.

    Finally, if you decide to open a new thread, Use this template:

    WordPress version:
    Superslider plugin:
    Plugin version:

    I did this:

    I expected the plugin to do this:

    Instead it did this:

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  • These are possibly the worst instructions on using a new pluging I have ever seen. Have you actually read them yourself? What’s the point of releasing a plugin that probably alot of people can’t make head or tail of. I’m far from stupid, but these make no sense whatsoever. Please reveiw your instructions – we are not all mind readers.

    idz do you meann ids?
    Where do i find the ids/idz numbers?
    How do I record the numbers if I have 40 images?
    What do I do once I have the idz/ids
    Do you mean change the dropdown to ‘Gallery’
    Why are there boxes on the post screen asking for an id number
    Why so mny options on the post screen
    Do they all need to be filled in?
    what shortcode do I put into the post?
    Does it work for pages?

    It’s ok don’t worry I’ll just find another one with decent instructions.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Hello cocopops67
    yes I understand that usage of this plugin can seem complicated.
    I am working on a new version #3 which hopefully will be much easier to use.
    for id you use post ids.
    eg: [slideshow id=”1204,1205,1206″]
    This will pull images attached to those posts
    for ids you use image ids.
    eg: [slideshow ids=”14,15,16″]
    This will pull those images into your slideshow.
    if you upload images on this post, they are attached.
    You don’t need to do anything more than add [slideshow ]

    The meta box on the post screen gives you the chance to over ride any and all of the preset options. You don’t need to over ride anything.
    This allows for the creation of different slideshow styles on each post or page.

    Yep, it’s a lot of free work to maintain this and 10 other plugins which I offer to the community.
    The superslider-show plugin was designed for power users.
    I am presently making it easier to use for novice level users.

    As for where do you find the id numbers of posts or images,
    Well you can look at the edit post link which would be something like this:
    the id number here is 2095

    Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t mind at all if you use another plugin.


    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Here are some instructions which may be helpful for you.
    Let me know if this makes more sense to you.

    • * Create a new post, use the WordPress built in media uploader, (upload some images).
    • * Click on insert gallery from the media uploader popover panel.
    • * you should now have the shortcode [gallery ids="12,13,14"] in your post.
    • * change the shortcode tag from gallery to slideshow [slideshow ids=”12,13,14″]
    • * Publish your new post / page
    • * Create a new post, use the superslider-show metabox (found down below your content text field),
    • * select the options which you want to over ride or define specifically for this slideshow.
    • * Click on add slideshow in the superslider-show metabox.
    • * you should now have the shortcode [slideshow ] in your post or page,
    • * the options which you have selected will also be in the shortcode eg: [slideshow width=”500″ height=”200″]
    • * Publish your new post or page

    Hi, apologies for being so brash, but perhaps others will now find this updated information useful too. I realise you do a very good job in creating these plugins, but it is so frustrating after trying about 20 different versions that they do not work, or you havent got the full instructions and have to start all over again. I shall try it again, thankyou.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Hi cocopops67,
    no worries, always happy to help.

    let me know if you have any issues with this plugin.
    I do offer free trouble shooting, and have resolved numerous
    conflict issues. as I mentioned, I am just finishing up version 3 which is much easier to use, better documentation and if you have a look at the demos, many new ones with their specific complete shortcode which you can copy and use in your own project.

    I do get the frustration, there are so many plugins and it is difficult to gauge their true usefulness.

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