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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin support forums.

    The majority of support and community interaction happens on, our home for WP e-Commerce Plugin.

    Please read this and follow these guidelines before opening a new thread:

    First, download the latest version of WP e-Commerce and check if your problem still exists. New updates includes recent fixes and additional functionality.

    Second, search the forums here and over on for similar threads and see if any of the proposed solutions work for you.

    Third, to test what’s wrong, disable all your other Plugins and switch to the default WordPress theme for a bit. If the problem persists, open a thread, if not, figure out which Plugin is the cause of the problem and open a thread mentioning both Plugins.

    Gold Cart customers can receive Priority Support via, if you have purchased Gold Cart please open a new thread there.

    Finally, if you decide to open a new thread, use this template:

    Store URL:
    WordPress version:
    WP e-Commerce version:
    Gold Cart version:
    I did this:
    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this:
    Instead it did this:

    Support template credit to Joost de Valk 🙂

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  • Hi There. How do I add the shopping cart that it shows on my home page on my header?

    You can create a mini cart in the header by adding customized cart widget code and adding javascript. I was able to accomplish this following the instructions here: WPEC 3.8 Tips & Tricks.

    I am currently using cforms on my wordpress site to allow a user to make a booking, enter information via a form and then pay via pay-pal.

    I am also using the wp-e commerce plugin to allow a user to buy a product and then check out and pay with pal. The wp-commerce plugin has an option to use a coupon code to offer a discount.

    What I would like to do….Integrate the form to check out with wp – e commerce and enable the option of having a coupon code.

    Is that possible? how? Or is there any other work around so that i can apply coupon codes.


    Really loved the free version and I recommended an upgrade to a client.

    We’re having Login issues and drama with a her account with Getshopped.

    She paid for the Gold plugin + installation for $127. She got the confirmation email with Username + API key.

    BUT NO password. She cannot login to order the premium service she paid for. We waited a week, still nothing comes via email to help login (yes we checked junk mail).

    She then went and purchased the Affiliate Plugin as well and this time did not even get the email confirmation, yet she has been charged for it.

    I emailed support (email that was appended to the first confirmation) and that was a week ago, still no answer.

    We tried to register again and it tells us the Username is already in use – as per the one sent in the first confirmation email.

    So we tried the lost password link and we get an error message… It won’t send us a lost password – I assume because we never got the first one so the confirmation link never got clicked.

    We’re at a loss. Please help us login and find our purchases and link this account up so we can access your Premium section properly.

    Thank you very much.

    Resolution is underway – Thank you to WP-eCommerce for their email and advice. I shall be undertaking the instructions and will follow up should there be any further issues.


    Good for you. There are many others including my clients are not “LUCKY” as you.

    I hope they will consider them as well Link from above is broken “Sorry, page not found.”

    Need support now since site checkout is broken. No access to forum topics.

    About a month ago I was able to get support on these forums quickly, now all of a sudden I have noticed (it’s not only me) that no developers/authors are posting support for this plugin, the odd member still contributes towards the community but otherwise it seems WP E-Commerce has gone supportless, how true is this?

    I feel like this especially when I have been reporting a few bugs and even put one bug as **URGENT** in the fourms and the only attention it got was the **URGENT** was removed and STILL no replies.

    The bug was that when the crop images was turned off they still crop in default view anyway???? Just for those of you wondering.

    It does upset me to have a post as negative as this despite being very happy with the support here since first using support back in May.

    Please live up to great support I recommend you for

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from somebody soon.


    after update I got a fatal error!

    Store URL: (shop not up running yet though)

    WordPress version: 3.5.2

    WP e-Commerce version: 3.8.12

    Gold Cart version:
    Theme: Twenty Eleven

    I did this:
    auto-updated wp-e-commerce

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this:
    function normally

    Instead it did this:

    After auto updating the wp e-commerce plugin I could not enter my dashboard anymore. After entering the correct username & password I received the following fatal error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /homepages/40/d333685564/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/ on line 493

    I could only log into my blog by changing the wp e-commerces plugin name via ftp.

    Any solutions?


    Hi, I am using:

    WordPress version: 3.6–zh_TW
    WP e-Commerce:

    I added “hide_on_homepage” to custome field,it didn’t work. But if I disable “WP e-Commerce”, then the function of “hide_on_homepage” can work properly. After I got help from an engineer, he sorted out the following erro message and he suggested me to contact WP e-commerce support team.

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/astrocod/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php:2918) in /home/astrocod/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-core/wpsc-constants.php on line 17

    Is there anyone can help me to sovle this issue? or is there anyone have the same problem as I have?

    Where is the search form for this forum??
    Would like to avoid posting if a solution has already been offered somewhere else, and equally think it’s a little backwards having to wade through 37+ pages of forum entries to find out if somebody else already had this problem.

    Is there anyway – plugin or support model – that i can get a export of all orders? We are getting reports that orders are being filled but the admin is not getting emails so we need an export of all orders to verify and fill


    Everyone – this is not a support thread – please see the first post re: how to get support for this plugin.

    Now closed.

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