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    I was noticing after the recent upgrade that none of the information in Extended is showing up on my theme, it’s still in the database but I’m trying to figure out what has happened. Unfortunately I’m in dire need of starting writing on my blog again, but this has me stumped so far. < site in question

    Also, if this should have been in the Theme/Template board please be gentle, I’ve searched high and low for an answer to this and figured it was a troubleshooting issue.

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    none of the information in Extended is showing up on my theme

    Sorry? Extended what?

    Extended may have been the wrong way to put it, but a screen shot below will show you what I mean.

    If you click on the href for a post on the index or a category page (by default wrapped in an h2 if memory serves) the page that should display the entire post before and after the <!--more--> link, but only the post title and posting date info shows up, like below.

    Has this not happened to anybody else in recent updates?

    Nobody has a clue on this one?

    It also happens when yo click the tiltle of the last post on the front page (“More getting things done”).

    Such a click normally brings you to single.php from your theme. I suspect there is something wrong with that file.
    It should have php the_content somewhere in it.
    You can test this by switching to the default theme for a short while and look what happens.

    Yeah, I switched to the default theme and still get the same thing, it’s quite frustrating, wondering if my db somehow got hosed at some point. The data is there though.

    Even on new posts using the default template nothing shows up, time to disable some plugins to see if something has hijacked the_content or something.

    Okay, I was individually deactivating and reactivating plugins without results, turned off all plugins and got the content back, from that point I started to turn on blocks of the plugins to see who the culprit was.

    The answer: An old wp-typography that has more recently been merged with a newer version by a different developer. Thanks all who helped in this matter!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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