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  • I am *sure* that I saw a “read more” function on a blog by someone here at WP. Dang it all if I can remember today. Anyway, I’m very interested in this, and I’m wondering if it’s native WP code or a hack or what?
    Thanks, folks!

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  • <!–more–> in your post entry creates a “more” link in your post. Thats where my <!–sticky–> idea comes from. 😛 Was this what you were talking about? try it out!

    ROFL! Good thing it’s not complicated…otherwise I’d be hooped! 🙂

    I used that, but what happens is that I get a new page loaded with only the portion of the post that was visible.

    Thats why Jaykul suggested that we stay away from the <!–something–> kind of tags, they can be REALLY confusing to use and really difficult to remember. 🙂
    Try this,
    Some text supposed to be a teaser…
    Some text supposed to show up after more link is clicked.
    One worthy disclaimer is that once more link is clicked, only that particular post shows up, it does not show the whole blog.

    It’s not working. When I click onto the (more…) link, the article appears on a new page, but NONE of the text after <!–more–> shows up. Instead, the (more…) link is still visible, albeit now in a visited link colour.
    Also, it would be nice to have a return link back to the originating page. I guess I’ll not worry about this for now. I have some other things to work on.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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