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  • I am trying to get my posts to show a Read More Link on my posts as they show up in my home page and then take you to the full post in the category that the post is marked as.

    I had my webmaster who also designed and edited the template go through the documentation on the subject that is provided by WP and he set it up so that it should technically be enabled. But it is still not working. I made sure I had no widgets that deal with excerpts active and I am still having problems whether I click the quick tag button or try to actually place the <!—more—> tag in to the HTML.

    Any tips or suggestions…is there a known issue with 2.7?


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  • What, exactly, isn’t working?

    If you temporarily switch to the Default theme, does anything change?

    Does your current post use the_content() or the_excerpt() on the index.php?

    I just tried the default theme and that did not solve the issue. We also tried the excerpt tag and that messed up the design. We have it set to use the content one.

    What, exactly, isn’t working?

    I have my site set up into multiple categories…on the home page of the blog I want to show the first paragraph of my new posts with a link that says read more and have it take you to the full article in its category section.

    I have tried to use the WP provided quick tag button with no luck…i placed the HTML tag after my first paragraph and still no luck. I downloaded widgets and plugins to accomplish this and none of them worked either so i deactivated them.

    I’m not sure whats wrong

    Try this.

    Use a plugin to do it, like the Evermore plugin.

    Does that do the trick for you?

    Evermore was one of the first ones I tried with no luck. I did notice that it said that it was not tested with my version which I guess is 2.7.1 do you think that has something to dow ith it and I should go to a lower number that will still work with my template?

    it would be fascinating — and likely illuminating — to see a bit of code from your template…

    Have you compared your template’s code to how the default theme’s index.php looks? That might help shed some light as well.

    i’ve been having the same problem, i spent hours trying all teh suggestians and nothing is working. was this solved by any chance and i really liek to know how! i am on version 2.7.1 using Fluid Blue theme

    I also experienced same problem. It has something to do with the Permalink Settings, using default works fine but choosing “Day and name”,”Month and name” and “Numeric” would mess up wp.

    My read more code is not working. I have the latest version of wordpress. I insert it into a post and it does nothing. For search engine purposes I would really prefer not having to return to default permalinks.



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    Site url? What custom permalink structure are you using?

    Thanks for the query but I just figured it out.

    Hey, phoenix_rising. Would love to know how you figured it out. I am having the same problem.

    This may help…”The text you designate for your “Read More” link is only utilized when you have 1) chosen to display full post content on the page being viewed and 2) used the WordPress “more” quicktag in the post being displayed.”

    Here’s more help for those trying to figure out why it won’t work on a custom page template. See How to use Read More in Pages in Customizing the Read More (go to the bottom of the page). You have to add a couple commands to the template to make it work on pages.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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