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    Hi everyone,

    I am actually using the “Wellington” theme by ThemeZee, but since there is no dedicated support forum for that theme and the problem exists in “Donovan” as well, I hope you can help me out here:

    I can’t get the “read more” tag (which is supposed to be a core feature of WP) to work with Donovan or Wellington. Excerpts work fine as well as just printing the first X words as a summary, but the “read more” tag is simply not applied. I know it’s not supposed to work when you have a written summary in the corresponding box, but the easiest check for me was to switch temporarily to WP’s “Twenty Twenty” theme, and there it was working fine.

    Is there a way to add this feature, maybe via an external plugin? The ones that I found open the extended text on the same (start-)page and do not link to a new page. Also, they require some extra tags and do not work with the stock “more” tag, which is a must for me.

    I hope someone can help me out here, thanks!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for using my themes.

    You can find the support forum of Wellington on

    Please note that there are two ways and functions to display content in WordPress. You can show the full content with the_content() or show the excerpt with the_excerpt().

    1) the_content shows the full content of your post. This can be splitted with the More-Tag.

    2) the_excerpt shows only a text teaser of your post, without any media or HTML formatting. The More-Tag does not work here.

    Because of the grid layout, Wellington alwas shows the excerpt on blog pages and archive pages. If you have not specified a manual excerpt in the Editor box, an excerpt will be automatically generated from the first words of your content. You can adjust the length of this automatic generated excerpt in the theme settings.

    The reason the Read-More-tag works on the standard themes is that these use the_content() to display posts, not excerpts.

    Hope that makes things more clear. The behaviour is more like the WordPress Core functions work.

    Btw, in Donovan, you can choose if blog pages show the full content or the excerpts on Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Blog Settings. With the former, the More-Tag works.


    Thanks a lot, I knew about the difference between the_content() and the_excerpt, but was not sure which one Wellington supports.

    Thanks for letting me know that the More-Tag would work with Donovan. Did I understand it correctly that even with Donovan I would have to decide whether to show full posts (and then be able to use the More-Tag) or excerpts (either automatic or manual)?
    What I had hoped for was an automatic excerpt if no More-Tag or manual excerpt is present, but from what you write above, that is probably not possible in any WordPress theme?

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    Hi there,

    Yes, you have to choose. Donovan can either use the_content() or the_excerpt() for showing posts on blog and archive pages, but not both.

    Otherwise it would basically require to have an option for each post to select which method to use for showing the content.

    There are options to check if a manual excerpt exists and some themes might use that, but I do not know of any function to check if a More-Tag is present.


    Thanks again for your insightful reply!

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