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    there’s a known bug with [showlist] and excerpts, we’re working on it. because you’re talking about that shortcode, isn’t it?

    if you’re willing to help us testing, you can try the development version (should be 3.3.2-beta3) and test if it works for you. if so, we’re going to release 3.3.2 next week.

    (this issue status will be reported here)


    Thanks for your quick reply, yes i was talking about the shortcode you put into a page to show a post. At the moment i’m using this:

    [showlist catid=”32″ lenght=”2″ showheader=”false” header=”50″ excerpt=”true” wrapper=”true”]

    but if i put read more in the post it doesn’t show it i think the problem is probably in the page php configuration.
    I tryed to follow the configuration suggested here: putting this php code into the page.php file:

    global $more;
    $more = 0;
    //The code must be inserted ahead of the call the_content, but AFTER the_post()

    <?php the_content(‘Continue Reading’); ?>

    but i’m not really clever with php 🙁

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    I can’t understand if you’re adding the read_more on the posts that should show up via shortcode or in the post that hosts the shortcode itself.

    In the first scenario, it should be a plugin bug and we already know about it; in the second one I think read_more can’t work in the post/page that hosts the shortcode, because the content itself is not in the post/page itself but is added later (that’s what the shortcode does).

    What you’re trying to do with read_more should work on pages or posts on their own, but I’m quite sure it won’t work in a mixed setup like the one you’re trying to achieve (at the very least it’s untested, and frankly out of the scope of this plugin).


    If you go to this web site:

    and you log in with:

    [ redacted, don’t post that here. If your going to publicize the username and password then just unlock that site ]

    you will see what my problem is.

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    I’m sorry, we can’t assist you at that level. We can fix bugs, improve documentation and try to understand support requests and reply as soon as we can, but we can’t fix your website.

    If you really need it please get in touch with our helpdesk and ask about paid plugin support options: opensource support starts as low as $10/hour.

    Ok no worries, i though it could be a bug.
    I’ll find a solution for it. Thanx for your help 😉

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