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  • Is there a plugin available that only shows the first paragraph or two of your post and then displays a read more link which takes you to the full story?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Just add <!--more--> to your posts, where you want that read more link to be.

    ah it’s really that simple? Great stuff, thanks 🙂

    it doesn’t work. I put that code but nothing shows.

    Hover over all those little buttons above the post editor… You’ll find that one of them inserts that for you.

    i was doing that when i was using a free wordpress and wyswyg editor was enabled. no i’ve hosted my own but due to the difficulty of posting a video i was advised in this forum to disable wyswyg editor. Now i can post my videos from dailymotion but can’t include a more link tag.

    what can i do to insert the more link, i dont’ want to show the rest of the entries on the home page.

    thanks for the help

    You have the wysiwyg disabled?
    Then it’s even easier. You want to click the button that says “more”. It’s with all the other buttons at the top of your post editor.

    If that’s not it, then we’re going to need some actual details.

    I have the wysiwyg editor disabled (it was not making links for me) and am using one similar to the one just above this posting window–which has the “more” button.

    I’ve used the button and inserted <!– more –>into 3 or 4 posts. Now when I check the blog to see if the “more” button worked, I find that indeed the post has been cut off at the point I wanted. Unfortunately it cuts off with a message or a link to the full post.

    This blog of mine,,
    is running WordPress 2.04.

    Unfortunately it cuts off with a message or a link to the full post.

    That’s exactly the point: since you don’t show the whole post, the “more link” offers a link to the full post to be able to read more.
    What did you expect?

    Ah, yes. I meant to say “without a message or link to the full post. Problem has been solved; the theme I was using had failed to include the necessary language in the <div id=”Content”> section of The_LOOP. See the Codex in a subtopic of The_LOOP that covers the <!--more--> tag.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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