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  • Resolved Paxjah


    Thank you for such an excellent plugin, I use it on every site build for clients.

    I’m wondering if it is currently possible to set a ‘read more’ link to the end of the testimonial text when character limit is set? Or perhaps to allow the author name to link to the testimonial?

    If not, would this be a possible future feature?

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hi Paxjah,

    Currently it is not possible. What you could do is create your own link. If you are using it in a sidebar you might use the Text widget.

    Linking the author name is also not possible.

    You are not the first person to ask for this feature and I may add it in the future.

    Can you tell me how you would want it to work?

    For example: Just having an input field on the Add/Edit testimonial screen that allows you to enter a URL for the read me link. Then, if you have the characters limited, it will show the link if one has been entered?


    Thank you ever so much for responding and my apologies for not replying sooner.

    Ah, that is a shame! In a future update that would be wonderful!

    For the ‘red more’ option, something like this:
    A checkbox labelled ‘add read more link to end of excerpt’.
    And after that, an input field labelled ‘custom “read more” text’, so that people can create their own (such as ‘…’ or ‘[..]’, etc.).

    I do hope that made sense 🙂

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Ok thanks. Yes it does.

    At this time, you could always use Javascript to create/insert a read more link. That’s not a “pretty” way to do it but definitely possible.

    The main container that wraps around the testimonial has a class hms-testimonial-{testimonial id} that you could play off of.

    Thank you ever so much. I shall wait for an update, it isn’t required just yet and the plugin has so many other features.

    You understand I’m not a programmer.. and I’m fully aware that these will be wiped when updating, but I found these few lines, and simply inserted a few changes. I have no idea how to create a function that would alter them instead as then the changes would carry across on updating.

    // HMS Testimonials admin.php changed line 3456 to $exp[ $word_limit – 1 ] = ‘ …’;

    // HMS Testimonials admin.php changed line 3463 to $testimonial[‘testimonial’] = substr($testimonial[‘testimonial’], 0, $char_limit).’‘;

    // HMS Testimonials admin.php changed line 3477 to $builder .= ‘<div class=”author”>‘.apply_filters(‘hms_testimonials_system_source’, nl2br($testimonial[‘name’]), $testimonial).’</div>’;

    To anyone Googling this: I strongly advise against using those edits, it’s laughable, highly inaccurate and very very bad practice.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey Paxjah,


    By adding this feature, which I agree that it is a good one, I have to compensate for 2 scenarios.

    1. To set a global URL. Meaning, in the settings you define what page your testimonials are on.

    2. To set individual URLs for each testimonial.

    I do plan on adding this feature in, along with a way to change the “…” text for the links. While I won’t promise that this feature will be in the next release, it’s not very far away.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    I take that back.

    It will be in the next release (v 2.1.0) which I will probably send out sometime this week/weekend.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    It has been released. 🙂

    Hey Jeff!

    That was a wonderful surprise waiting for me this morning!

    I have updated, popped in the URL and tried it out, it works fabulously, thank you so much!!! 😀

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