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    Hi, I got the latest version of Easel, great theme, love the extra stuff.

    I need to change something in the posts so that the <–more–> function (the link Read the rest of this entry) opens in a new tab/window (target=”_blank”)
    Usually this is in loop/single or other php files, but I can not find it in Easel.

    What I am looking for is:

    target=”_blank” class=”read_more_link” >

    or where ever I can put target blank for this theme

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  • You can’t do like this in the Html edit page ? :
    <a href="#" target="_blank"><!--more--></a>

    No that won’t work. I think the problem with that is the <> in the more class within an html code.

    Anyway nice try. Tried several other options like adding onClick and such, but no joy.

    Anyway best is within the php from the permalink. Just one edit and all posts open in a new tab. (just need to do it again after Easel theme updates)


    So, you should create your own <more> !
    I think this will be easier than research for the class !

    My knowlegde does not go that far. I can adjust a php and can write html and that is it

    Actually, if you want to open it in a new window with target blank,
    Isn’t it the same as use <a href="">Read More ...</a> ?
    I don’t understand the need to do it in a post …In the home page or in a categorie/page, i can see why …But in a post !

    Simple a browser view has lets say 10 long posts all under each other.
    A lot of scrolling, but with the <!–more–> you can make them shorter and have the highlights of the posts. If they are interested they link the Read more bla bla …
    All I want is that to open in a new tab (_blank) so the reader does not have to hit the back button.

    Simple and for my blog a necessity.

    I found what you need !
    It’s a simple plugin !
    You just have to install it and go to :
    Settings => Custom More link complete, and customize
    your <- more ->
    I think that it’s really what you was looking for.

    YES, thank you works exactly for what I need. Just had to add the html target=”_blank” and all done.

    Thank again

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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