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  • Hello,

    I’m using your plugin and It’s great. I put the testimonials in a blockquote and here are my three questions:

    1) If I place the word limit in the shortcode to get the read more link (and text), the html css codes that are in the testimonial (for example image and bold text) dissapears and I see a short text without for example the sections that I made bold. It is just a plain text.
    If I don’t use the word limit, the link will not appaer, but the text is just as it is in the testimonial, bold, image etc.
    How can I change that?

    2) Is it possible to get more blanc space between the last word (by using word limit (for the read more link/text))of the testimonial and the text “read more”? Or is it possible that the “read more” link is aligned right in the blockquote?

    3) The image that can be downloaded (under the name) in the testimonial is outlined above the blockquote. Is it possible that the image is aligned before the blockquote, so I will see on my page “Left: image and than directly starts the blockquote.”?

    I hope you can help me.


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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hi Esther,


    When limiting the text I purposely strip out the HTML for a few reasons. 1. So they don’t count against the limit. 2. So it doesn’t get cut off with an open HTML tag that could mess up the entire page. Such as, a bold tag staying open and turning the rest of the text on your page bold, or cutting off in the middle of an attribute causing the rest of the page to disappear. You could create a summary group and insert your own read more link for the sections you are limiting text. That is a lot of work though. In the future I may find a better way to do it.

    You should be able to use CSS to add more spacing. Please forgive me for not providing it as I am typing this on my phone.

    This can be done with a combination of CSS and a template. You can either modify a template or create a new one and add the fields you need.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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