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    Things are working out really great for me using Arlima List Articles Page plugin. Got a request. Is it possible to automate a feature to add “Read the full story” with a link to the external article at the end of the post while adding/editing post selection for placement in the Manage List screen? I place the URL in the post link box at the bottom of the post in Arlima, but can’t seem to figure out what purpose that is for. You can link on the title to go to the external link, but the reader would have to know that. That would really be fantastic. That’s the only issue I am trying to work around using Arlima. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author victor_jonsson


    Hi jay!

    There are a couple of different ways to accomplish what your’e asking for. All of them requires that you write code.

    But first I would like to tell you about a button in the visual editor that makes it possible select a part of the text, and make it linked with the article URL. Select for example the first sentence (or maybe only the first word) in the visual editor and click on the first button in the top panel of the visual editor (it has capital “I” as icon). You can see this in action in the screencast (after about 25 seconds).

    If you know how to write HTML code you can create your own jquery-template following this guide

    Another way would be to hook into the action named “arlima_article_content” from the file functions.php, located in your theme. In that case you could add this code:

    function add_full_story_link( $data ) {
      $article_url = $data['article']['url'];
      $data['content'] = arlima_link_entrywords(trim($data['article']['text']), $article_url);
      $data['content'] .= '<p><a href="'.$article_url.'" class="teaser-entryword">Read the full story</a>';
      return $data;
    add_filter('arlima_article_content', 'add_full_story_link');

    Here you can read more about the different actions made available by Arlima.



    Ok Vic. I see now. BUT, my problem is that I can’t see the excerpt in the Visual, nor can I type anything into the Visual or Text tabs in Arlima. On your sample, you are able to type and then link. If my excerpt from the post article showed in the Visual box, then I could merely highlight “via” or “Read more” and link it directly within the excerpt. Why can’t I see or edit the content (excerpt in my case) while editing the article in Arlima? If I could do that, I’m fine.



    Vic, I think I got it. I just coded the code above you provided in my Twenty Plus Lite function.php and double clicked in the Visual and Text tabs and followed the screen shot in linking. Voila, it works! Thanks.

    Plugin Author victor_jonsson


    okey, great!

    Vic, need your help. This issue was resolved in Twenty Plus Lite theme, but I upgraded to the Twenty Plus Pro version. Your suggestion to include the function add code above resolved the upgrade issue for obtaining a “Read the full story” post link, but the “[…]” at the end of the excerpt didn’t get removed. It looks like this at

    under federal jurisdiction […]
    Read the full story

    Love the “Read the full story” link but want it on the same line as the last word with the […] removed and placed by he “Read the full story.” Any suggestions? I have been struggling with this for the past 3 weeks and getting all kinds of suggestions, none worked, but I came across your past guidance on a search and it worked almost. Can you help me? In my function.php I have made no changes from the original except for your code above in your post. Thanks.


    Disregard the post preceding before this. I followed your advise to:

    Select for example the first sentence (or maybe only the first word) in the visual editor and click on the first button in the top panel of the visual editor (it has capital “I” as icon).

    It does now link to the full post. However, I highlighted the last word (?) which was […] and clicked the “I” on the visual bar.Then I inserted “Read the rest of the story” which now has a > type link on the left side of the “Read the rest of the story.” When I preview or save, it links but only shows the […] link with no words. Can I have the […] removed and replaced with the words “Read the rest of the story” ? That would be perfect if so. Thanks.

    Disregard everything Vic. I made a slight adjustment and it’s perfect using your “I” suggestion. Had to highlight the […], click I, move 1 space and boom, it’s all good. Thanks again.

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