• Resolved Philastan


    im running your Plugin on my site and i’m really convinced 🙂
    But now im trying to integrate a ‘read more’ button, like in the “normal” posts… but nothing is shown. The text is not reduced and is shown in his full length.

    Is there something here that I need to consider?



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  • Plugin Contributor Josh Pollock



    Glad that you like Pods. Can you please let me know a little more about how you are using Pods so I can give you the right advice?
    Please let me know:

    • What theme you are using
    • What content type you are having the issue with
    • How you are displaying the Pods created content
    • What version of Pods and WordPress you are having this issue with


    Hi Josh and thanks for the reply!

    – Im using a modified version of the “Orion” Template on this Website

    – I created a Custom Post Type and i’d like to have the ‘read more’ button in a WYSIWYG Field Type.

    – i created a template (pod components) which is shown in a single site

    <div class="artist-container">
    	<div class="artist-picture">
            <img width="125" height="125" alt="" src="{@artist_picture}" />
        <div class="artist-infos">
            <span><strong>Profession:</strong> {@profession}<br />
            <strong>Style:</strong> {@style}</span>
            <div class="artist-socialbuttons">
    		<a href="{@soundcloud}" class="soundcloud-link"></a>
    		<a href="{@facebook}" class="facebook-link"></a>
    		<a href="{@twitter}" class="button-twitter"></a>

    Podsversion: Version 2.3.18 and i installed the latest WP update 🙂

    I hope i answered all your questions correctly 🙂

    greetings and sorry for my english 😉

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    We do not support “Read more” in our fields yet, but that’s a great idea. If you’d like to see it added, submit the idea in our official development tracker over at http://pods.io/submit/

    Thanks for your answer! Too bad – i really need to smaller the size of my content :/


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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