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  • Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Hi guys,

    When facing problems with this plugin (or any software out there, actually), a big part of the solution comes from user feedback. It’s vital for the developer to know under which circumstances the software fails/misbehaves in order to find out what when wrong and when. So, the more details you add to your bug report, the better for us developers.

    # Use a descriptive title
    Make sure the title of your bug report explains shortly what’s going on. That helps not only me but also other users who might be experiencing the same problem.

    # Details matter!
    When does the problem happen? what does it affect? what options are you using with the plugin? which version are you using? what’s your current WordPress version? which other plugins are you using on your site? what theme are you using now? Did you make any changes recently on your site (plugins / theme updates, WordPress update)? The answer to these questions usually can lead to hints which ultimately can help fix the problem. Reports like “I have this problem, fix it!” aren’t really helpful. The more you can tell me about it, the better for all of us! (and the faster things can be resolved).

    # You are part of the solution!
    I do my best to release stable versios of the plugin, and try to test it in every possible escenario I can think of – but the truth is I’m just one guy coding a plugin for everyone, so it can happen that I overlooked something which may potentially lead to a problem. If you really like my plugin, as I’m sure you do, please help me out. Help yourself have a better, more featureful plugin by telling me what’s wrong or how it can be improved. This plugin is for you!

    If you’re still reading this, then thank you! Hope you enjoy my plugin as much as I do.

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  • Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Here’s a nice quote (unknown author):

    “It doesn’t work.”

    Give the programmer some credit for basic intelligence: if the program really didn’t work at all, they would probably have noticed. Since they haven’t noticed, it must be working for them. Therefore, either you are doing something differently from them, or your environment is different from theirs. They need information; providing this information is the purpose of a bug report. More information is almost always better than less.



    Forum Moderator

    Nicely put. I should also point out that including as much information as possible is part of the “rules” for all of the forums.

    This plugin once installed caused my facebook like to show the total like of the page. I’m using the facebook like plugin. I was only trying to use the popular posts feature. Please how do I fix this problem I need the facebook like button to function properly. I was told to contact the plugin developer.

    Thanks in advance…

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