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    As of BPS .47.8 Security Logging / HTTP Error Logging has been added. If you are experiencing a possible plugin conflict or some other issue or problem on your website check the BPS Security Log tab page for any errors related to the issue/problem.

    Create a new Thread with ONLY the relevant error in your BPS Security Log file that relates to the issue/problem. If you post your entire log file contents a WordPress Moderator will remove/delete it. You can use Pastebin if you need to post a large amount of errors in your Security Log / HTTP Error Log file.

    If an issue/problem is occuring with another plugin. Please post the exact name (not slang or shortened name – the exact name of the plugin) of the other plugin.

    BulletProof Security Plugin Conflict or Some Functionality On Your Website Is Not Working Correctly

    If you think that BulletProof Security is causing a plugin conflict or any other issue on your website that is causing something not to work, then please use these steps below to take BulletProof Security out of the equation completely for testing. There is no need to deactivate BulletProof Security because it has a built-in Default Mode that allows you to put WordPress in a default state without deactivating BulletProof Security. If you find that BulletProof Security does have a conflict with another plugin then please check the BulletProof Security Plugin Compatibility Issues – Testing and Fixes Page to see if a fix (bypass/skip rule) is already listed. If your plugin is not listed and you have confirmed that BulletProof Security is definitely causing a conflict then please post a comment in this Forum.

    1. Make a backup of your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Backup.
    2. Activate Default Mode on the Security Modes page.
    3. Use the Delete wp-admin .htaccess feature on the Security Modes page.
    4. Test your plugin or theme.
    5. Restore your .htaccess files using BulletProof Security built-in Restore.

    To completely remove BPS do steps 2 and 3 and delete the BPS plugin from the WordPress Plugins page.

    If the issue/problem may be related to your Server type then please post this information below about your website. You will find this information on the BPS System Info page.

    WordPress Installation Folder:
    WordPress Installation Type:
    WP Permalink Structure:
    PHP Version Check:

    DNS Name Server:
    Server Type:
    Operating System:
    Server API:

    If the issue/problem has to do with your website/folder structure please post the exact specific details about your website’s folder structure.

    Example: I have a site installed here (/subfolder-name) and it is site type (HTML, WordPress, etc). I do X and then Y happens.

    If the issue/problem has to do with adding custom .htaccess code or creating custom rewriterules then post the exact code that you are using and where you are using it.

    The rewrite rules I am using are [post the rewrite rule] for the site X located in folder Y. I am putting my custom code her [exactly where the code is being added – the root .htaccess file – the wp-admin htaccess file – some other file – adding the code to Custom Code].

    Thank you.


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