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    Hi All,

    If you’re using one of our free products, feel free to ask us anything on the forums. ThemeIsle has a great support team that is always ready to help you and all the members of our free community.

    But, to make things clear, we do not discuss any premium features on this forum, as it is only for free products. Your thread will be closed if you do this. If you’re looking for premium support, go here: http://themeisle.com/contact/

    NOTE: Many of the issues you will have are common and easy to solve, that’s why they are listed on our documentation site, which can be found in this link: http://docs.themeisle.com/

    BUT, like everywhere else, there are a few simple rules that you need to follow in order to ease our process of getting your issues done efficiently. By following these rules, you’re also saving both our time and yours equally.

    That’s why we prepared you a set of guidelines on how to use our forums for submitting your requests.

    • Before creating a new thread with a query, search for the same topic in the already existing ones. Maybe the solutions we proposed for other users will work for you too. There are lots of people having the same issue as you do.
    • If there are no threads containing your issue, create a new one, but do not spam the others’ with irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with the topic.
    • Make your posts as short as possible and specific your issue right from the title. This way, you ease our reading and browsing through all the tickets. Being very specific will help us understand your request better and take action faster.
    • If a post was marked as resolved, please don’t write your issue there, as we won’t come back to it. Create another one and we’ll catch up with you quicker. If you want to give us that thread as an example for your issue, feel free to paste the link in the new one.
    • When you’re describing your issue, please provide us with all the necessary details, so we can analyze the problem better: your operating system, your hosting, the error messages, what theme you are running, if you updated WordPress or not, what browser you’re using etc. Screenshots help as well, so post as many as you can. Please offer us as many details as you can because this way we’ll be able to start working on your issue right away and not linger on asking you questions.
    • Please don’t reply in the admin threads, such as official announcements or releases. We try to keep things organized.

    Thanks for helping us and for choosing ThemeIsle.


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