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    I would like to know how can I reactive my blog.
    I made a mistake choosing archive my blog
    I don´t know how solve this problem.

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    youre going to need to explain your question a little better than that for anyone to help you.

    Read what you wrote pretending that you have no idea what youre going on about.

    Do you understand after reading it? I doubt it.



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    How did you choose “Archive” in a single WP blog? Just curious. That functionality is connected with WPMU intallation where you could choose to “Archive” sub-blogs. Edit == if you are Site Admin of WPMU install, you could un-Archive a sub-blog. Or else contact your Site Admin to do it for you.

    Well, sorry but Im not so good in english, but I will try.
    I´m trying do configure my WP Mu, so I created a new blog (sub-blog)
    I was on Edit part when I did that, I choose “Archive the blog” after that I couldn´t reactive then.
    Im the Site Admin, but any time I try to reactive I received a message

    The blogs name was
    I have the oficial in WP 2.8.3

    Made me understood now?

    I hope so
    Thanks for your replay

    Thanks in advanced, I had already solved.
    I deleted my database, and wp-config.php.
    So I could reinstal my blog.

    thanks for all

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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