re-write problems with windows server 2003 and iis (3 posts)

  1. dsv210
    Posted 6 years ago #

    we've set up our wordpress blog within the root of our main site which is hosted on a Windows server 2003 using iis and isapi 2.11 re-write software.
    we can't get permalinks to work on this set-up and now have a problem with the canonical plug-in for the same reason.

    also having glitches with upgrading plug-ins, we're told this is a permissions issue but our hosting company will only make changes as a specific request - what exactly do we need to change in permissions?

    any help with this - apart from changing the server or upgrading isapi to version 3 :-) would be welcome.

  2. Equal Web Creative
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have had WordPress working with pretty permalinks on IIS6 which I assume is what you are using. If you can upgrade to IIS7 then it should work much better, but IIS and WordPress is not the best solution.

    For the upgrading of plugins you need to make it so that the FTP user is the same user as the user that owns the files on the server.

  3. dsv210
    Posted 6 years ago #

    hi ewc
    thanks for the reply we are running IIS6 and upgrading to IIS7 would mean migrating all our sites (around 50) to a completely new server, I would rather not do that if possible.
    i am very curious to know how you managed to get pretty permalinks working on IIS6 - any tips on this would be a great help - as we're using isapi 2.11 for rewrite

    regarding the plugins i'm not clear what you mean, FTP user is the same user as the user that owns the files on the server.

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