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  • Hi.

    I deleted one of my blogs and later found out that any old addresses that the user ever used never get free for further use.

    What I had done was, I recreated another address for my blog by doing the “Change blog address” option. Then I deleted the old blog by going for the “Delete Site” option. Now, I’m trying to go back to use my old blog address and somehow it is not letting me do that as it says that this blog is currently in use (which I believe is used by me, i.e., my first address has not been freed for any future use).

    Could someone please try to help me here, as I’m trying to reuse my old blog address. Also, when I open the old address, it displays the message saying that ” so-n-so blog is not currently in use”. I’m not sure how I can fix this. Either go back to using my old address or completely free the old address so that I can reuse it again.

    Hope someone can help me here.


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  • Are you talking about WordPress.COM? That’s not the same as this, which is .ORG.

    Yes. I was actually referring to the Blog site of WordPress. I believe that I’ve posted my problem on the wrong site. I apologize for that.
    Is there is a customer support for the where I could report the issue?

    Look at their site. Also, I’ve read (in a book by a well-regarded WP “expert”) that if you delete a site on, it is gone FOREVER — you (or anyone else) can NEVER use that domain name again. But double check with them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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