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    I tried looking it up, but can’t find an answer to the following.

    I am building a website that consists of 3 parts, Sailing, Sleeping, Relaxing.
    When you visit the website, there is a frontpage where you can choose where to go.
    The three parts should all use there own separate theme-variation (different colors, uses different backgrounds etc.) but the same basic theme.

    I want the structure to be something like:

    The thing is, some pages are used in more then one part. For example a page called “general information”, should be used in both sailing and sleeping.

    Should I use a multisite installation or is there an easier way to do this? (For example by defining what menu calls a page? if a call comes from menu Sailing-main, then use this template on page general information, thus also calling the right menu position etc.)

    I hope my question is a bit clear, since English isn’t my mother language and I hope someone can help me out.



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  • mohdrafie


    Hi there,

    If the information on the site are similar ie similar contact page, about page, booking form, etc, then you does not need a multisite install.

    In terms of implementation, what you need to do is to create your own page template specifically for the page.

    You can add a specific div class or ID on the page template. You can use CSS to manage the styling.

    I hope this help you.



    Hi Mohd Rafie,

    Thanks for your reply, it doesnt solve the problem though. The thing is, the same page should use different templates depending on what menu “calls” the page. So the page “boat” is a menu item in the sailing section, but also in the relaxing section.
    It can be done by copying the page, but the problem is that you have to change multiple pages in that scenario.

    Any other suggestions?



    Hi there,

    I understand now. I was going to suggest you to use body class function and use the parent child, but one child page can only have one parent.

    One of the way is:

    1. Have the same content managed using a shortcode. You can use Bucket.
    2. You then create two pages with two different page templates and put the generated shortcodes on the content of the page.
    3. Should you need to change the content, you can change it on the Bucket.

    Hence, my initial suggestion is valid.

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    I’m with Mohd here. You don’t need Multisite at all for this 🙂

    You should only use Multisite if you want multiple, separate, blogs to manage all this. Otherwise, I’d totally use Custom Post Types, and have templates for them.



    Thanks, I will check it out!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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