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  • Good Day All, i’ve been trying to figure out why i can’t make edits to certain pages.

    When i click on “Pages” and select the page i want to edit, the page is blank pretty much(as if i’m creating a new page), I also realize that the when i click on Customize, it only allows me to customize “Menus”

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi there,
    Hmm, it sounds like you may have a plugin or theme issue.

    Try disabling all your plugins and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, enable them one by one to see which one was causing the issue.

    If that doesn’t work, it might be your theme; I would recommend changing to one of the Twenty** themes to see if that works. If that corrects the issue, you may want to look into another theme that will work for you. 🙂

    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the very speedy response, i tried disabling the plugins but no luck.

    I will try one of the themes you suggested.

    i’m pretty new to wordpress so if i change the theme will i lose information?


    It will change the way your website looks for sure, but posts, pages, images, categories, and tags will still be there. So, let’s say you wrote a blog post; everything you wrote will still exist and all of its images. Things will shift, but you’ll probably be able to customize it after that.

    You can find more information on changing your theme here:

    You can also try to use the Preview feature on a theme’s info page to get a sense of what might change before you update, but it may not work depending on your issue. 🙂

    Welcome to WordPress! Good luck, I hope that points you in the right direction.

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    Ok so i’ve done a bit of troubleshooting and still haven”t gotten anywhere with my issue. I’m hoping that these screenshots will help.

    So this is the site, and i’d like to make changes to the area in the circle…infact no text on this page can be edited.

    Whenever i go into the edit page section it’s blank

    I’ve searched high and low to find where i could make changes to the page but no luck, even checked database and still nothing.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
    PS: I inherited the site(which is also a very old site) and was asked to make some edits to it

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