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  • Hello, I just installed wordpress using the simple scripts program that my webhost offers. (Aka: I push the button and it does the work of installation.) Everything seems to be working fine except in the WP admin area, none of the image header files show up in any of the themes I uploaded, nor do any of the “theme preview” thumbnails show anything… However, when I check the “wp~content: themes” area in my webhost file manager, the image folders are in the appropriate places along with the rest of the theme files. Any ideas? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I’ve tried multiple different themes, and I’ve tried waiting 24hrs in case image pathways needed time to connect (?). Anyway, any insight is appreciated.



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  • I faced the same problem too. Hope that someone can help.


    Just installed the latest WP and having this issue as well.

    Does anyone have a solution? Cannot see images in admin area (theme preview is blank) and they also don’t show on the site (blank white header space, etc.). But everything is where it should be, file-wise.

    Is this an .htaccess or permissions issue? Grabbing at straws here.

    It’s in the ADMIN area of WP — the THEME PREVIEWER doesn’t show the preview. The site images are showing OK. Sorry for the mistake in my description above!

    If anyone ever needs to know, the answer was found by my hosting service. It was in .htaccess – hotlinking needs to know the exact domain name. Oh whatever. Not like anyone is reading this. These forums seem to have kinda died.



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    Tacking a question onto a 8 month old topic doesn’t help…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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