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  1. kristynmarie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm having issues with my images re-sizing automatically to thumbnail. When I use images, I insert the image into my posts at full size (I generally re-size them down below 800 x 600 before I upload them) and then use "Edit Image" to re-size my picture +/- 10% at a time until the image is a desirable size.

    Here's my problem: When I try to use the re-size option, even if I only re-size my image down by 10%,they automatically re-size to thumbnails.

    Here's an example: http://prettypessimist.com/?p=6531

    The images on that page are 778 x 560 and 632 x 538 respectively. Each of them were originally sized down only by 30% and they fit the post fine. When I updated to WP 3.5, all images that I had previously re-sized are now thumbnails.

    So how to I stop my images from automatically downsizing to thumbnails when I try to make any modifications to them?

    I'm running Twenty-Twelve and have deactivated all plugins except Askimet and JetPack. So I'm certain it's not a plugin issue.


  2. Ravi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I see that your image is loading from


    What is this http://i2.wp.com ?

    Please check if you have "Photon" module activated in Jetpack. Disabling it or configuring it may help.

    If this is not an issue, check the thumbnail, medium and large sizes at


    If they look OK, try regenerating thumbnails with


  3. kristynmarie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you so, so much Ravi! I'm not sure what i2.wp.com is, but the Photon module was the culprit. I disabled it and my photos went back to the correct sizes. In fact, disabling Photon helped to improve my image quality, too. I would never have thought that would be the issue, so your reply is much appreciated!

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