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  • I just wrote a new post on one of my blogs with code in it. Saved it and the display on the frontend was perfect.
    I then made changes to the post, saved and now all code looks like this:
    [[pre class="brush: php; gutter: true; first-line: 1; highlight: []; html-script: false"]]czoxNDE6XCImbHQ7P3BocCBlY2hvICRjdXN0b21bXFwmIzAzOTtOYWFtQ3VzdG9tRmllbGRcXCYjMDM5O107ICMgdmVydmFuZyBcXCYjMDN7WyYqJl19OTtOYWFtQ3VzdG9tRmllbGRcXCYjMDM5OyB2b29yIGRlIG5hYW0gZGllIGplIGhldCB2ZWxkIGdlZ2V2ZW4gaGVidCA/Jmd0O1wiO3tbJiomXX0=/pre

    Reverting to the first saved post doesn’t do anything, since the code in that post is the same as above.

    I’m using the last version of the plugin btw (1.7.3).

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