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    Everybody’s got a gimmick. Blogging Pro has themes organized by release date with thumbnail previews. How to Blog has over 170 themes organized by title. And, Shadow has themes organized by title with “a huge list of themes in use on site.”

    If you notice one thing in common about those three lists, it’s that they all have something to bring to the table. If you want thumbnail previews, go to Blogging Pro’s list. If you want possibly the largest and most comprehensive WordPress themes list, go to How to Blog’s list. And, if you want to see live demos, go to Shadow’s list. Well, it’s about time our own list brought something to the table. I present to you the new Codex Theme List, now organized by column count.

    Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers here. Personally, I do my best to keep the Codex list up to date, but I do miss some themes. The Codex is a community effort. If your theme is not listed on the Codex list, you can always add it yourself. The same goes for making URL changes (if your site moves, for example). You can add your theme to the other lists by notifying their authors.

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    How to Blog, there’s no disrespect taken, at least by me. I know that maintaining the themes list has been hard on Shadow, and I don’t think he minds your list at all. Keep up the great work, How to Blog! Your list is like Chia Pet of themes list. ^_- It just keep growing.

    Howtoblog, Is it ok If I copy and paste your list to a page on my site ( which It will probaly be and update the list everyday? 🙂


    Thanks macmanx

    And the reason it keeps growing is thanks to the hard work of all the generous folk in the WP community who keep pumping out the themes – my greatest of thanks to all of you – man are you guys keeping me busy!!!!!

    XeroCool –

    If you’re insinuating that all I did was cut and paste from other people’s lists, you’d be incorrect – I put a lot of time in compiling that list, AND I also gave credit to all of the other lists that I did use as sources – but they were not the only sources for the themes on my list. Is there something wrong with believing that there should be a source on the net where people can find a comprehensive list of all WP 1.5 themes available for download? Cuz with the amount of time its taking me to put it together and maintain it, and the backlash from folks like you, it makes me wonder if I should’ve just kept the list to myself – after all, it was initially created for my own personal reference.

    HowToBlog, I think you missed my post above yours. 😛

    Can you read it? :). Thanks. 🙂

    XeroCool – refresh the page. You’ll see I addressed your post in a seperate reply.

    No. I’m not saying your stealing other peoples work, and credit doesnt really matter as long as you got a link. I was wondering If I could take the themes you have on your site, put them on mines, and update it daily.

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    I think How to Blog, after doing all of that hard work, would prefer that you simply linked to her list, rather than rip it out from under her.

    Now howtoblog: if we could just persuade you to upgrade to WordPress ………………..

    To everybody else – my take is that there is going to be bags of room for diversity and value added . Our ideas will never be our own. If someone improves it then lets improve on that . Out of the mists I see a demand for themes of some identifiable technical standard, and themes which are clearly identified as running on common templates. A long list is just that. A list.

    What macmanx said.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your intent XeroCool – I thought you were mocking me. But yes, I would mind if you copied my list into your blog.

    However, a link to my list would be thoroughly appreciated 🙂

    Root – I know, I know – no persuasion is necessary – I got started with TypePad b/c it was cake to make my site look and feel exactly how I wanted. I didn’t know enough about php and css to accomplish the same thing in WP. But now that there are so many great themes available, all my future blogging (other than the original ‘How to Blog’) will be done on WP. Hell, like I mentioned above, I’m already paying for a whole lot of bandwidth that isn’t getting fully used, so I’d prefer to use a hosted solution rather than TP anyway. My only concern is whether WP blogs get indexed as well in Google as TypePad – Google just love TypePad sites and sends me a pretty steady stream of traffic almost as fast as I’m posting. I don’t know if that’s because of TypePad’s ‘recently updated blogs’ list that show up on tons of blogs every time you update a post, making it even easier for google to find and spider new posts. We’re getting off topic now, but I am curious to know if googlebot is as kind to WP hosted sites.

    RE: Googlebot mechanics

    I end up at or near the top of Google searches all the time for stuff I’ve recently blogged about. The search refers often surprise the heck out of me!

    Kaf, Congrats. You think you can beat my site in a competition :P? Heh. My site is popular so I get good results from google/yahoo most of the time.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I just banned it 🙂

    Sorry XC, but all my competitions occur in real life.

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