• Hi!

    In accordance with Gdpr I want to make sure all my subscribers really want to be on my list. The thing is that I have added some of them manually and they never had the chance to opt-in. So now I want to ask them to opt-in: Is there any way I can ask a subscriber to opt-in?


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  • Jack K


    Hi there Jesper,

    If the user is already on the list, you could try manually re-sending the confirmation email, though I don’t believe that’ll work.

    What you made to do is remove the user from the list and then ask them to re-subscribe using the form. This is of course if they know they are subscribed.

    Alternatively you could create a small form with one of the many form plugins and send out an email to effected users with a “click here” to confirm your subscription type email and just log the response. 🙂

    You can find out more about MailPoet and GDPR here: https://beta.docs.mailpoet.com/article/246-gdpr-and-mailpoet


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