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  • I need a lot of help!!! I created my website using a wordpress theme called socialite-modern. I recently created a wordpress blog using a different domain but didn’t like it so i deleted it not knowing that it would also delete my other website. Now I am trying to re create my website but when I try to re install my theme it is giving me a failed error. saying that the destination folder already exist. What should I do?

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  • Hi,
    Most webhosters make regular backups. With a bit of luck they can restore a previous version that works. It saves you a LOT of work.

    If that fails…
    Go to your host’s control panel login and check the content of the site’s folders. Copy / restore a s much as you can and rebuild.

    An option with a lot more control…
    Use an FTP program such as Filizilla [free] to login to your site.

    1. make a backup of all files of your sites before you make any further changes. This way things won’t get worse still.

    2. copy the new files to the desired destination, following the on screen instructions.

    NB! In future, use ftp to backup and backup your site’s database, before you make any big changes.
    Good luck

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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