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  • Unfortunately I may have jumped ahead of myself here, but I was encouraged to uninstall WP from my domain because of some plugin issued that I couldn’t clear up by deleting.

    So I backed up my site via ftp and cpanel full backup + I also exported my posts and comments.

    I have installed a fresh version of WP now on my domain and uploaded plugins and themes that I had before.

    Now I need to know what I need to upload or configure to get back to where I was before without the messed up plugin problem. I had my theme manipulated with a custom header and theme colors, etc. I realize that I will have to reconfigure and activate my plugins, but shouldn’t I be able to get back to the look and feel of what I had before?

    If anybody can help me restore the look and feel I sure would appreciate it. What do I need to do – is it in the mysql file in the backup, etc.?


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    When I restore or move installations, I usually start by importing SQL backup into database first. Then I upload WP files backup to server – .htaccess file and WP folders which would contain wp-content folder with my theme and plugins. If I changed DB information, revise wp-config.php before uploading to server. In your case, I would rename the plugin folder of that plugin which caused you issues before. Then, and only then would I go to

    This way, you’ll find that all your settings – theme and plugin options – are intact. Which plugin caused a major issue for you that you had to delete your installation in the first place?

    The issue arised after I acti activated a plugin (not plugins fault I believe), just something buggie happened and my site went to white screen. I had my host get the site back up, but all my plugins were deactivated and I was having issues with an auto blog plugin. So I uninstalled that plugin (Massive Passive Plugin) to reinstall, but after the I deleted it there was still part of its function on the system. This caused the plugins new install to fail by not giving me the correct choices for options at install.

    I was then told to uninstall WP and here I am. I did my backups and now have a fresh WP install, but want to avoid having to do all the work to get my site to it’s original place before all this went down.

    From your instructions, it looks like I may have to do an new install again because I already uploaded all the themes and plugins. I am no professor when it comes to restoring, so these steps are almost like a foreign language to me. I hope I can get this thing back up. How do I import the database file?


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    Take a look at this video of how to import your database file:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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