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  • Hi,

    I’m sure this already has been addressed in a number of ways (as I’ve looked for a few solutions, but none seem to be working), but after making the Parabola update, my Front Page slider no longer operates, it’s simply in a constant state of loading (I believe, given the pinwheel).

    Do let me know any solutions you’ve found that might address this issue.

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  • What version did you update from?
    What WordPress version are you using? Did you also update it?

    What other plugins have you installed? Does disabling them fix this issue?

    I updated from, I believe 1.1.0?

    Otherwise, I’m using the latest WordPress (3.6.1)

    Yes, I tried disabling them, nothing happens.

    I’m having a similar problem. When I updated, my homepage went to the default sample page rather than the Presentation page that I’ve set up.
    I’ve clicked and unclicked Enable and Disable under Appearance –> Presentation Page a number of times and that doesn’t seem to be doing it.
    Any other suggestions?
    My website is:

    PS All my pages also switched to a different default style and I did a mass edit back to my preferred style and I only noticed that my homepage wasn’t working properly after that.


    Just a small thing to perhaps check, under Customize (or via Settings> Reading ) is the Static Front Page setting flagged as Your Latest Posts?


    Hi Jim–
    I’ve got the Static Front Page option selected, but the problem is that the Presentation Page (with the sliders) isn’t listed in the drop down menu. So right now I’ve selected one of my subpages as the Front Page so that visitors don’t land on an error page. But I can’t figure out how to get the Presentation Page visible. The only place I can find to select the Presentation Page with the sliders is under Appearance > Parabola Settings > Presentation Page. But the option “Enable Presentation Page” doesn’t seem to be resolving my issue.


    The presentation page, I think, will only display if you have it set to Your Latest Posts and not to a Static Front Page.


    Yes! That worked! Thanks Jim.

    Hi all,

    My problem was simply in the fact that the sliders no longer connect to the sticky posts they are meant to connect to. Instead, I get a blank feature box(or lightbox) that continues to show the loading pinwheel. I’ve tried to upload new sticky posts as a test to see what would happen, but it seems as though something might be broken in the coding between the presentation slide and my posts. Everything else on the presentation page is perfect.


    Yes I solved problem
    Im up to date on theme and WordPress version.
    I was setting up my presentation page, trying to get the images(graphics) to look Good. When I changed the images with new ones by uploading them with Media image uploader, it had trouble finding them.
    (at least the spinning wheel shows its trying)
    Solution: I found where the actually default slider and column images were <parabola-slide1.jpg or parabola-column1.jpg >
    <yoursite name>/wp-content/themes/parabola/images/columns/<image name>
    and uploaded the images with ftp to the above file directory.
    Another problemwas getting it to find them when using the same image name. ( even in the default directory not the upload folder)
    Rename the images, the same name (new image though) didnt show.
    So rename the images each time you change them and delete the old images, image-1.jpg —>image-2.jpg
    Also the link that showed the images in the file that shows uploaded files based on date of upload
    /wpuqs/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/<image name> did not work even if you uploaded new images with new names. SO PUT FILES IN DEFAULT DIRECTORY WITH NEW IMAGE NAMES
    For the developer of the theme:Coding wise I think it has trouble writing /overwriting the link to the file, it would not look in the uploads directory link, it would only find the images in the default theme location of the default slider and column images : /wp-content/themes/parabola/images/columns/

    My site has pretty images on the Parabola Themes awesome Presentation Page

    The proper way to do this (especially if the uploader functionally fails when on the Parabola Settings page) is to upload the images via WordPress’ Library. (If upload fails there as well, you have a problem with your WordPress)

    You can then copy the image URLs as you get them in the library (the http://website/wp-content/uploads/blablalb/file.jpg ones, not the http://website/?attachment_id=number ones) and paste them in the appropriate fields in Parabola Settings.

    Adding/changing files in the theme folder is a very bad idea. You will lose all these files the next time you update the theme.

    The image select/display functionality works fine with a clean WordPress install. We cannot take into account all the other extensions that may break WordPress. If something fails, first check for JavaScript errors and then the correctness of image URLs.

    Thanks Zedt
    Your solution worked perfectly. I kinda feel bad about the above post. But it worked. I could not select the image, I had to input the link like you said, copying from image. Is there something wrong with my WordPress?

    I can’t tell for sure. I tested dozens of websites where this functionality works correctly.
    Yet we also get reports that the image upload/selection fails in the Parabola Settings page.

    May be caused by other plugins used or by the server configuration or the browser. Until I encounter this problem (or get access to a website where this issue occurs), I cannot look for a solution.

    The uploaded/selector is part of WordPress and it should just work. This is why we chose it instead of a custom selector.


    I have a similar problem with my website

    I have desactivated all plugins but I cannot see the front page with the slides and columns.

    What can I do?

    fcalvomarquez, having a slider with no images and having no presentation page at all are not similar issues.

    But I see you got your presentation page to show so I assume you found the last update release information or posts detailing the change in the presentation page behaviour.

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