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  • I am very new to WP (as in today!) and am trying to create a new skin for my theme (Ahimsa). How can I go back into the skin that I created and make a few minor changes? It seems that I would need to re-create the skin from scratch every time.

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    That only lets me create a skin once, but not go in and re-edit it. Is there a way to go back into a skin that you created to change a few things, or do I have to re-create the skin every time?

    That only lets me create a skin once, but not go in and re-edit it.


    Do you want to have another copy and change the name? Is that what you mean?

    If so, edit style.css at the top where it says theme name etc

    Also, post theme questions in the Themes and Templates Forum.

    I click on Appearance > Ahimsa Options > Under Ahimsa skins, I select “create new Ahimsa skin.” After I enter my color selections, I hit save. But now there is no way to go back into that newly created skin to make any additional changes. I would have to re-create that skin from scratch.

    I would like to make a few changes to just that skin — not the entire Ahimsa CSS. I just want to change the colors.

    P.S. I did post this same question in the Themes and Templates forum, but it got deleted.


    I am the theme author (code [at] ahren {dot-symbol} org). The skin feature of the Ahimsa theme is very preliminary, and unfortunately this version does not have the option to re-edit a theme. That will be there in the next release. In the meantime, I am afraid you will indeed have to either track back in your history (if your edit was recent) or enter the values again. I apologise, but I was hoping my warnings in the README, release notes and blog post were sufficient.

    Please contact me via e-mail if I can assist you in any way. One option is for you to altogether skip the admin web interface and edit your skin file directly. I can help you with that. Let me know.


    For the other commentors: the Ahima skin has very preliminary support for colour schemes (“skins”) in the latest version (2.2). That’s what karinbasaraba is speaking of, above.

    Thanks for the advice. Makes sense now.

    A quick question:

    What happens to the skins if the theme is upgraded?

    I ask because I use another theme on one of my sites that supports the creation of additional stylesheets — supposedly to protect one’s modifications to the original theme from being overwritten. Yet when I updated the theme it deleted my stylesheet. Thankfully I kept a copy of it. 🙂

    Maxwell_pink, I plan to support an additional style sheet too, and load it at the end to overwrite any existing styles. I am not sure how the new WP theme upgrade feature works. I will check to make sure that if it deletes all existing files, then I have some mechanism to not lose the custom stylesheet.

    Support for skin editing (including updating of existing skins) is now available in Ahimsa 3.0 (available now via Support for additional custom stylesheet is also available. Please backup your current skins before you update them.

    Ahimsa 3.0 announcement is at:

    I am wondering if the theme update probably deleted your custom stylesheet because that’s the way the WP update mechanism works? i.e., it blows away the existing directory first? If so, that would be a problem with my theme update as well.

    Hi, I’m also new to WordPress and just installed your Theme v3.0.
    When trying to make changes or even trying to load an already existing skinfile, I’m told that it was unable to load. That is because, it’s looking in c:\local\www/blog/wp-content/themes/ahimsa/skins….
    and not just in www/blog/wp-content…

    Where can I change that?
    Thanks a lot!

    Commander Keen, I have not tried my theme on a Windows server… could you possibly post the exact error message you see when you Thank you to load a skin, etc? The theme code has to look into the absolute filesystem path to load the file, so that shouldn’t be the problem…

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