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  • Hi,
    i am re-designing a website which is hosted on a microsoft server with .aspx pages. i am planning on using wordpress for this .org site and also am moving it to another host with linux hosting.

    i want to figure out the easiest way to do this with as little down-time as possible and am a bit baffled! i am thinking of getting a temporary .net domain to develop the site on within the new linux hosting and then when i am ready, transfer the .org site and then copy the files over.

    Another option is developing on WAMP (which i have installed) – but my client would like to see the site as i am developing it – so i am thinking i am stuck with the above way.

    Is this a good way of doing such a thing or will i regret it?! And if so, what exactly would i need to change within wordpress when i made the switch?

    thanks for any feedback or suggestions


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  • You don’t need to get a .net domain. Just get hosting. You can access the site via decimal IP address–– until you transfer the dns. There will be some database cleanup though, but you’d have that with the .net idea also.

    I would develop locally and upload periodically so your client can see the progress. It will quickly become tiresome to upload after every change.

    It might be a good idea to protect the online site with a simple .htaccess login, just to keep people from stumbling onto it.

    Also, this is in no way my business 🙂 or my problem :), but I’ve had clients who’ve insisted on watching the progress like this and they’ve panicked over all kinds of trivial things because they don’t know what they should be seeing or what they should be expecting. Be prepared.

    HI aplijdi,
    thanks for your suggestion!

    what exactly is a “decimal IP address”? i have purchased a hosting account where they have an included domain at one& – but something like: (is that what you are referring to?)

    I agree about clients looking over my shoulder. i am preparing myself! We all know that when developing things it may look a certain way before you put the finishing touches on the site – but they only see the site and not the functionality at first!

    All servers have a numeric IP address. Try, for example. Your server will have a different but similar number. I should really have called it dotted-decimal. ‘Decimal’, strictly, is something else. That number always works, actually, even after you transfer the DNS.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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