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  • Hello team,
    The new European General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), requires that we have the EXPLICIT consent of the web user to be able to store their personal data, as well as to send them publicity.

    This requires us to send an e-mail to subscribers in our newsletter before May 25, so that they RE-CONFIRM that they want to continue receiving news and if they do not activate this option, we must cancel them from our list.

    At the same time, it obliges to keep a record of the users who have confirmed their consent, both new web users as well as old users who RE-CONFIRM.

    I have a checkbox that prevents the user from subscribing while not activating this checkbox, but I do not have a record of which day / hour the user activated the checkbox.
    Also, I do not know what function I can use so that users already existing in my database can RE-CONFIRM their subscription or if they do not, they are disenrolled.

    I have received some page emails where I am subscribed and they use MailPoet, and it seems that MailPoet has created a special link for the user to access their data and can RE-CONFIRM or CANCEL their subscription.
    Do you have any tools to do this?

    Can you give me an option to ask my subscribers if they wish to follow the database and that they can unsubscribe or RE-CONFIRM their continuity?

    Is there an option to save the day / time when the user activates the registration confirmation checkbox?

    Thank in advance and best regards,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Interested in the answer to this as well!!

    I want this too!

    I also have this problem. I think I will solve it that way:
    Wordpress Admin => Mailpoet => Subscribers => Select all => Collection (German: Sammelaktion) => scrolling down this field => Chose “resend confirmation mail”

    Before doing that, just customize the content of your confirmation mail.

    Greetings from Germany

    @ralf S. i’m afraid you can’t resend confirmation email to already confirmed subscribers, you’ll have first to modify each subscriber’s status to unconfirmed THEN you’ll be able to resend confirmation ; if i get it well it’s ok for a short mailing list subscribers (50 or so) but for hundreds or more it’s a no-go ; you’ll have to do so sql request to modify status… plugin or update welcomed!

    hi again, an other post on mailpoet forum explain it clearly,
    look at

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    Thanks Marties,

    I have already reviewed the link you mention and explains it quite well. Even so I leave some doubts, because the example is based on MailPoet 3 and not MailPoet 2.8.2 which generates some differences.

    For example:
    How to add the link to the privacy policy in the footer of the newsletter. I do not see this as an option in my version of MailPoet.

    Meaning of the subscriber status (-1, 0, 1) that is displayed when you export the subscriber list to an EXCEL file. What is the meaning of these numbers? In my version of MailPoet do not appear the status names (subscribed, pending, blocked, cancel) that seems to exist in version 3.

    The function of exporting personal data that indicates that you already have in WordPress (WordPress> Tools> Export Personal Data), does not extract any information from the Mailpoet databases, only from the WP users, with the links to the different pages and contents where they have published.

    Can you help me with this?
    If they are only functions for MailPoet 3, how can I implement them in MailPoet 2.8.2?

    Thank you!!

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    In the same line of above, questions, I try to export personal data using the new tool of WordPress and not export any MailPoet data that you show in the article.

    subscriber’s information (email, personal data and subscription lists)
    list of emails a subscriber viewed;
    list of links a subscriber clicked.

    I have MailPoet 2.8.2 and WordPress 4.9.6


    @masajeintegrativo : using mailpoet 2 you will have to search a subscriber using phpmyadmin which is subscribed and get his status, then in the mailpoet admin change it’s status to pending then search again for this subscriber in phpmyadmin and check his status, once you got that apply the sql query to your list to set the right status.
    I write this on top of my head as i don’t run Mailpoet 2, make backups before!

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    Thanks @marties, for your contributions, although I think that they do not solve my doubts about the note that Mailpoet offers for adapting to the new data protection regulations.

    When I export my database to Excel, in the field “Status” of the subscriber I see only 3 options of numbers (-1, 0, 1) and I do not know what each of them means.

    If I use the new function of exporting personal data that WordPress has implemented, I do not see any data related to the subscribers of my Mailpoet database.

    I can not find the option to add access to my privacy policy page at the bottom of the newsletter.

    I thank you if you or any other member of the community can help me resolve these questions.

    Thank you,

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