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  1. maskiepop
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I installed wp as a development site on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop. I configured it as an apache2 virtualhost so that I can access my test domain with this: http://mydom.com.

    I now have successfully set this up as a "real" or hosted domain, and now want to reconfigure my own test domain so that

    • it does not interfere with the real domain
    • I can access my dev site every now and then as mydomain.com.localhost

    I added an /etc/hosts entry of "mydomain.com.localhost". I also modified apache2's sites-enabled/mydomain.com and changed the servername.

    Didn't quite work. It seems to me that wordpress is still working as originally configured. Do I need to make any changes in wp? What?

    I was hoping not to re-install wp; unless of course that's the easiest and safest way.

    I plan to use this local wp install to develop themes, and as a sort of a backup of the "real" domain. Does that make sense? And doable?

  2. maskiepop
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I found a way to do this.

    I edited the wp-config.php, and assigned a new value to the wp_prefix. I saved the changes, restarted the machine, and connected to my localhost wp. This time I was presented with a completely new wp -- as if it had been newly installed.

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