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    Hi Micah,

    I can see you have replied to numerous other posts since my last post a few weeks ago so sorry if I am reposting the same question but maybe you havent seen my first question? I tried looking through the forums for similar questions but could unfortunately not find any. If my question has already been answered, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could reply to this with a link. Otherwise it has been very frustrating trying to find the solution with out any support 🙂

    I wrote:

    Hi, this is a great widget and I’ve enjoyed using it however I have a bit of an annoying problem on my end. The promotion center is only centered if I set the width to 100% of the page. The client wishes to have a smaller image, however this aligns the widget to the left.

    The page is

    I have tried align=”center”, widget style centered, editing theme.css with:

    .promo_slider_background_image img {

    div.promo_slider_background_image {
    width: 600px;
    margin: 0 auto;

    However nothing I do makes the slightest difference. Could you please help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

    Also, unrelated to this question, but is there a way to edit the image used for the “fancy title” to another one?

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  • I would like to center my promotion as well. I also had not thought about using another image for the ‘fancy title’ but that would be cool too.

    Ok, getting another image for the fancy title was easy – I just swapped out title.png for a new one I created in Photoshop. The path where the image is located is: wp-content/plugins/promotion-slider/css/images

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