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[Resolved] RE: aligning text before the 'read more' bar along 3 cols. of pg 1

  • Hi All,
    I am using the GreenLeaf theme with 3 columns on the front page. The text in each column does not align, before the Read More link which takes the reader to another page. I would like the 3 columns to line up with the same amount of text so that it looks tidier and I don’t know how to do it. Does anyone have a suggestion?
    Thanks so much,
    Glenna Jenkins
    My site is: editorseast.com

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  • Hi Glenna:

    If I understand you correctly, you’re concerned with the bottom of each text box. Some columns have more info/text then the others

    Basically it’s where you put the “read more” tag in your posts. To come out equally, you’ll have to count the number of “characters, including spaces” – not words and then insert your “read more” tag after the same number of characters for each article in each column.


    Thanks Ron,
    So it looks like I have to take the pages down, count the number of characters, including spaces, and be more careful about where I put the ‘read more’ tag. Makes perfect sense to me.
    Thanks so much.
    Glenna Jenkins

    I’d just “edit” your pages/posts and move the “read more” tags so they’re consistent number of characters in each one.

    I didn’t completely look at your theme, but if your front page is changing all the time with new posts, then just remember to use the same number of characters when inserting “read more” tags



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    You could also possibly set a fixed height on that element on the page in the CSS code.

    Thanks all, I went back into my site http://www.editorseast.com and tried the ‘move’ button various ways, but it didn’t work. I’m thinking it should have. Any ideas?

    Not sure what you mean by move button …. You should just delete the “more” tag in each post and then re-insert back into the text where you want it per “number” of characters . Do this in each post in the same spot “number of character” and you should end up with relatively equal ends to each column.

    Make sure you clear any cache programs when you take a look

    I Ron, I tried this. But I don’t know how to clear ‘cache’ programs. Sorry, but I don’t even know what they are.

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