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    Hi Types Authors…

    There are still two bugs that remain in the product that were introduced in version 1.2.

    1. Raw Types are still being processed with a do_shortcode
    See Method WPCF_Field->html()
    If a user stored the following value in a field such as:
    [slider id=”my-id”] and then calls:
    types_render_field(“my-field”, array(“raw” => “true”))
    The shortcode is applied. This doesn’t work for theme authors who truly need the value back as ‘raw’ as they will be doing there own processing of the data. Performing do_shortcode isn’t truly raw because the data that comes back is different then what is stored in the database.

    2. When a user creates a numeric text box, and then try to put “0” zero in it the value will not save. Yet 0.0 will save. 0 is a whole number so it should save just like any other numeric value.

    Both the the fixes can be found in this thread:



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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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