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  • ScottHeavner

    I have released a Ratings Plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add a numeric score / rating /ranking to an entry. Useful if you want to review movies, restaurants, … It also adds functionality to let you sort by ratings and to select random entries.
    More info on the Wiki — .

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  • Released version 1.2. Fixed some bugs. Added support for reader ratings.
    More info on the Wiki — .

    Released v1.3 today. Tiny bugfix. Categories were repeated under “Filed Under ” in the post headers.

    Is there a way to display all user ratings or the average of user ratings in the comments or in the actual post itself? Thanks.

    I’ve installed it as instructed, but it isn’t showing a thing, not a dicky bird.
    Any suggestions?

    I am having a problem with this plugin. Everything seems to be installed correclty, however everytime a user rates a post, it is submitted to the MySQL database twice. I read that “There is a bug in some older versions of My Sql which results in duplicate entries.” But that should not be an issue since I am using MySQL 4.0.23… any ideas?

    I have looked for any place I may have put the rating_the_form(‘process_only=1&rating_field=user_rating’); line twice, but it’s only in there once. I know this because when I took it out it didn’t work…

    Anyone have this installed correctly and can offer some advice? Or, is there a better plugin?

    does this plugin work with the latest wordpress release 1.5.2 ?

    Everything installs OK, but I can’t get the actual user ratings form to even show up — it just displays the admin set ratings, regardless of what I do … and I followed the instructions on the wiki step by step.


    raanan_nyc, I had it working perfectly in but it’s not working for me with the upgrade to 1.5.2

    Did you manage to get it working?

    I spoke too soon! I uploaded the wp-settings.php file from version and the ratings plugin is working now. However, I’m not sure if that poses any type of potential problem. Would anyone know if this will be a problem?

    wp-settings was one of the files that were changed in 1.5.2, so I’d be leary of trading security for a plugin. Try contacting the plugin author and see if the plugin can be updated.

    I’ve gotten this plugin to install properly (I think) on 1.5.2, and the form displays on the post, but when I submit a rating as a reader (I’m using it for reader ratings on posts, not author), it doesn’t add anything to the SQL, doesn’t change the site – the page just refreshs (with the information in the URL about the user_rating in the URL), but it doesn’t display a rating – it just shows the dropdown to submit a rating again.

    How do I get this plugin to interact with the database and work? I tried putting the hook into the index.php under root as well as wp.php (which seemed to match the wiki info better) – all help is appreciated.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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